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Shot Back 4

nigga pimp with a suit

wearin waffle stompers thinking it’s cute

spittin game like I care about his name

I really don’t give a fuck man look at his mane

his shit was permed and ratted like he just went to the store

I didn’t understand but I could tell the nigga was poor

talking bout he got more game got more bitches than me

fuck it I’m 21 he might as well be 90

I don’t understand how he’s playin the game

he’s gotta have fake glasses on just to make him look sane

like he’s smart but oh no he’s really not

his bitch got his car a pimp fo sho or not

hell naw dogg the game aint got me like that

I’ll make my own shit fuck a bitch that got a rappa

I aint gone rely on no ho that niggaz slow

on the bus drinkin cuz his life is so great

the $3 wino